Lab Rubric           

3rd Quarter

States of Matter Part 1 - Gases

States of Matter Part 2 - Liquids

States of Matter Part 3 - Solids

Changing States of Matter



2nd Quarter

Lewis Structures

Formal Charges and VSEPR

Intermolecular Forces and Naming Covalent Compounds

Molar Mass and Percent Mass

Empirical and Molecular Formulas

Unit 3 Test Review Without Answers

Unit 3 Test Review With Answers


Unit 4 Test Practice Problems

Unit 4 Practice Solutions


1st Quarter

Introduction to Scientific Measurement

Scientific Notation, Prefixes, Significant Figures

History and Introduction to the Periodic Table

Unit 1 Test Review

Electron Configuration

Emission Spectrum, Plank, and Ions Introduction

Periodic Trends

Periodic Trends Practive Problems

Ionic Compounds