Lab Rubric           

4th Quarter

Acids and Bases Defined

pH and pOH



Naming Organic Compounds


3rd Quarter

States of Matter Part 1 - Gases

States of Matter Part 2 - Liquids

States of Matter Part 3 - Solids

Changing States of Matter

Solutions (part 1)

Solutions (part 2) - Molarity and Molality

Net Ionic Equations and Colligative Properties

Precipitate Lab



2nd Quarter

Lewis Structures

Formal Charges and VSEPR

Intermolecular Forces and Naming Covalent Compounds

Molar Mass and Percent Mass

Empirical and Molecular Formulas

Unit 3 Test Review Without Answers

Unit 3 Test Review With Answers


Unit 4 Test Practice Problems

Unit 4 Practice Solutions


1st Quarter

Introduction to Scientific Measurement

Scientific Notation, Prefixes, Significant Figures

History and Introduction to the Periodic Table

Unit 1 Test Review

Electron Configuration

Emission Spectrum, Plank, and Ions Introduction

Periodic Trends

Periodic Trends Practive Problems

Ionic Compounds