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Dr. Christian Edgar



Periodic Table

Polyatomic Ions



2nd Semester:

Scientific Journal Topics

4th Quarter

Week 1: April 12/13 Henry’s Law

                April 15/16 Molarity and Changing Concentrations


Week 2: April 19/20 Solubility Rules and Curves

                April 22/23 Net Ionic Equations


Week 3: April 26/27 Journal Update and Final Exam Project Introduction (no notes to write down before class today, just make sure you are in the zoom meeting!)

                April 29/30 Introduction to Acids


Week 4: May 3/4 pH and pOH

                May 6/7 Thermochemistry Introduction


Week 5: May 10/11 Thermochemistry Practice

                May 13/14 Calorimetry


Week 6: May 17/18 Intro to Heats of Formation and Hess’s Law

                May 20/21 Heats of Formation and Hess’s Law Practice


Week 7: May 24/25 Nuclear Radiation and Decay

                May 27/28 Fission and Fusion


Week 8: June 1/2 Introduction to Organic Chemistry

                June 3/4 Organic Compounds Part 2


Week 9: June 7/8 Last Day to Work on Journals

                June 10/11 Final Project Workday (last day for late work)


Week 10:       June 14/15 Final Projects Due

                        June 17/18 Final Projects Due


3rd Quarter

     Week 1: February 1/2 Introduction to Stoichiometry

                        February 4/5 Stoichiometry Practice


        Week 2: February 8/9 Limiting Reagents and Percent Yield

                        February 11/12 Complete Stoichiometric Problems


        Week 3: February 15 – 19:  NO SCHOOL (Winter Storm)


Week 4: February 22/23 – NO SCHOOL

                February 25/26 – No pre-write notes, Scientific Writing in during class


Week 5: March 1/2  Introduction to Gas Laws

                        March 4/5 Gas Laws Problems Analysis


Week 6:  March 8/9 Solving Gas Law Problems (we will solve the problems from last week, you already have the notes from this link written down)

                        March 11/12 Stoichiometry Lab (no notes)


Spring Break: No Assignments from March 15 – 19


Week 7:  March 22/23 – Review for Test

                March 25/26 – Common Assessment (test)


Week 8:  March 29/30 – Colligative Properties

                 March 31/ April 1 – Gas Laws Lab


Week 9: April 6/7 – Introduction to Solutions

                April 8/9 – Making Solutions





1st Semester

Second Quarter Notes (scroll down for first quarter)


Week 1:   November 9/10 Naming Ionic Compounds

                           November 12/13 Naming Covalent Compounds


         Week 2:   November 16/17 Writing Chemical Formulas

                           November 19/20 VSEPR Introduction Lab (no notes to copy)


         Week 3:  November 30 and December 1:  No new notes – Live Review during class via Zoom.\

                           December 3/4:  2nd 6-weeks Test via All in Learning, the test will only be open during scheduled class time.


         Week 4:  December 7/8 VSEPR Part 1

                           December 10/11 VSEPR Part 2


         Week 5:   December 14/15 Mol Concept and Molar Mass

                           December 17/18 No pre-write notes


         Week 6:  January 5/6 Percent Composition

                           January 7/8 Empirical vs Molecular Formulas


         Week 7:   January 11/12 Balancing Chemical Equations

                           January 14/15  Types of Equations and Predicting Products


         Week 8:   January 19/20 Chemical Equation Word Problems

                           January 21/22 Virtual Lab – Determination of a copper (II) sulfate hydrate (no pre-class notes)





First Quarter Notes

        Week 1: September 8-11 Introduction to Dr. Edgar and Technology


Week 2:   September 14/15 States of Matter, Pure Substances, and Mixtures

                           September 17/18 Properties and Changes of Matter


         Week 3:   September 21/22 History of Chemistry and Basic Atomic Structure

                           September 24/25 Subatomic Particles and Isotopes


         Week 4:  September 28/29 Significant Figures

                           October 1/2 Average Atomic Mass


Week 5:   October 5/6  no notes, Virtual Lab today.

                           October 8/9 Periodic Families


         Week 6:   October 12/13  no notes, 6-weeks exam will be give in class, you must be logged into zoom to take the test.

                           October 15/16 Electromagnetic Spectrum and Electron Configuration Part 1

         Week 7:   October 19/21 Electron Configuration Part 2

                           October 22/23  Emission Spectrum and Periodic Trends


         Week 8:   October 26/27 Types of Bonds and Lewis Dots

                           October 29/30  Lewis Structures


         Week 9:  No notes to take. 

                           November 2/4 :  Review of all Bell-Ringers

                           November 5/6:  Bell-Ringer Replacement Test


If you are looking for Quarter 2 Notes, scroll to the top, they are above Quarter 1.